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Perfect Purple

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What is Perfect Purple?

Perfect Purple is a hybrid strain from the prolific purveyors at Wolf Genetics. The breeder recommends this strain for daytime consumption, given its motivating effects. It emits an aromatic blend of grapes and tropical fruit which translates nicely to the flavor as the strain is vaporized or combusted. Perfect Purple sticks to its name and grows bushy plants with pink and purple buds. This strain’s pleasant and positive high make it perfect for a solo smoke session or group settings.

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“I just bought this strain from a dispensary in Detroit and it is amazing! Very good heady high that I like a lot. The bud is mainly purple covered in frosty trichomes and it smells like grapes! I'm very impressed. This high feels more sativa leaning, but I'm still feeling a body stone with it. I would buy again.”