Pineapple Cookies Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Smell is delicious! Smells like pineapple and sweet berries! Tastes earthy and sweet! Fruity! The high comes on fast as you feel the head high coming on strong! Very good sativa dom hybrid! Highly recommend you try it if you see it where you are at! I smoked flower on both a steam roller and a bubbler and later on my bong! The water pieces gave the best taste but the high is the same! Might get a lil anxy but its mel...”

  • “this strain smells amazing, and it makes me feel pretty good. mostly sativa effects, but a great strain to enjoy for any activity... from a concert, to watching tv or playing video games. It's a social strain, will get the conversation going and dissolves any social anxiety, personally. I really enjoy anything pineapple, so I was excited to find this new varietal! gets my heart beating kind of fast but once that pass...”

  • “It's some Bomb asf bud lol i would recommend during a rainy day like this one the one I'm having today haha! Taste really good and the smell if pungent 5 stars from this person 👈”

  • “Looks, and tastes amazing. Not the skunky smell or near the high im used too, however. Would be nice to smoke during the day.”