Pineapple Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • hi2

    “Purchased this as "sour pineapple". Erases a bad mood. You'll float through the day with a big smile and function well. Not at all spacy.....just fun.”

  • hi2

    “Every time I go back to this, I realize how much I like it....It's in my top 5. If you enjoy euphoria and want to be productive as well, this is your stain. If you like sativa dominant hybrid strains containing sour diesel, you"ll love Pineapple Diesel.”

  • “REALLY ONE OF MY FAV'S. IF IN DETROIT STOP BYE 420 DANK ON Gratiot Real Deal pineapple diesel won't regret it”

  • “Second Time trying this excellent strain. Pineapple Diesel shows hues of deep green; a bud that is rather leafy with orange-red hairs scattered throughout. Smells of Fruit ans faint bud fill my nose as i smell this bud, but as soon as i break it apart, that "Diesel" musk we all know and love punches you in the face with the slight hint of a pineapple undertone. Wonderful on the nose, on the palate I taste fruit notes...”

  • “Wow! Strong high and very euphoric. Must try this one.”

  • “Didn't get munchies or couch lock. Tasted good, made me very giggly.”

  • “This one is an excellent sativa-dominating hybrid with a clean thin smoke and pungent aroma of dried pineapples and diesel Spicy bay leaf/peppercorn notes. This one will get you going out and being at your social peak. This one will make you laugh at everything and see the lighter side of stressful situations. Tasty and very smelly. Bring the breath mints.”

  • “Fucking amazing! High energy, increased mental focus, increased motivation, increased happiness, warm body high but not overwhelming, and great taste. This strain will not couch lock you, you'll want to be productive. As a bonus, your motor skills aren't compromised. Fantastic for working out.”