Pineapple Dog Shit Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “It tastes dank, makes you cough and gets you really naked to where you don't want to think. I love this strain and want it again more than any other :) <3”

  • “My favorite strain. Smells like straight up pineapples and tastes really fruity. The nugs are so colorful and dense. Real nice head high, gets you stupid. I love how my pictures been the background for this since summer 2k16 The mad purple and orange one is mine”

  • “One of my all time favorite strains. I haven't had any in 10 years and I still remember how much I love it.”

  • “This is a nice one, two rips from a bubbla mellowed my brained.”

  • “Scored a 1/4 fer $35 here in PDX , great deal Nice strong yet high. Taste was ordinary earthiness and the smoke was fairly smooth and non expansive out of a bong”

  • “I highly recommend this strain! Had gotten some of this from a wonderful delivery service here in Arizona, and the flower honestly surpassed my expectations on how it would turn out to feel, smell, look, taste, and smoke like. Anybody looking for a great overall strain, definitely turn to this one!”

  • “Amazing smoke and an amazing daytime high. Smells extremely potent but doesn’t knock you out.”

  • “lovely strain. instantly euphoric and I got a nice balance body high. I felt uplifted happy and got a dry pineapple/smoke taste mouth but it feels perfectly mellow with a clear positive head. I have bad aniexty and normally some strains set me off but this smoke gave me a nice Sence of wellbeing while able to move about with being stuff to the chair. 10/10”