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Pineapple Purple Skunk Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I felt aroused, talkative, relaxed, hungry, and sleepy. It was a good high similar to when I smoked God’s Green Crack but it was like it complemented each other. I would say this one puts you more in the horny sleepy mode and then relaxed for great sleep”

  • “Pineapple Purple Skunk (NJ blend) This is a review for our blend of Pineapple and Purple Skunk strains, may differ from MTGs. (97'PineappleM x PurpleSkunkClone) Looks: Bright green with streaks of purple going through its old school bud structure. Red hairs stand straight up and very few leaves. Thick hard trichs almost make a hard shell around it. Smell/Taste: Very nice flavor profile, much more than the citrus is s...”

  • “Great overall burn when smoking and a well cerebral high with some body numbness 7/10 would probably try again”

  • “Very sweet hit, easy to take a lot of”

  • “Don't plan on doing anything for a few hours after you smoke this. You won't be leaving the couch anytime soon.”

  • “great big purple buds, strong sweet smell, very icky sricky. gets you hungry”

  • “Frosty and light. with purple of course.”