Pineapple Trainwreck Reviews

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  • “Oh Pineapple Trainwreck, what have you done to me? I'm an experienced smoker with severe arthritis, and this strain knocked me into an ocean and left me stranded there without a life vest. The onset takes a little bit for sure. You start to feel very giggly and happy, and then you get smacked in the face with a tsunami of highness. My body was floating in nothingness, and all my pain disappeared completely. You do ge...”

  • “I really like this, I'm a diabetic with severe neuropathy and muscle pain spasms. While vape'ing with this all pain was gone, very up-lifting and positive happy. However also very talkative LOL. Great weed!”

  • “Oddly enough I Love Love Trainwreck. Which is odd because I do not really care for Pineapple Express. Trainwreck is a great medication for migraines and stress or anxiety. Great body buzz, great head buzz as it shuts everything off. Allowing your body to pump more blood to the brain therefore freeing you from headaches or migraines. Works best when only smoked for a few weeks then rotating with two or three others.”

  • “Location: L'Eagle Services THC: 18.32% CBD: 0.00% Appearance Rating: 5.00 Appearance Description: These pale green flowers are so crystal covered it is insane! They are mostly fat chunky nugs with pinkish red hairs. They are extremely beautiful and are well manicured. Taste Rating: 4.00 Taste Description: The taste on this strain is rather unique. The trainwreck flavors definitely shine through, but with a dist...”

  • “Back at it again! Copped some of this from a local dispensary and smoked it in a hemp wrap they provided for free ninety-nine. Taste! But the high was top shelf. It's nice when you smoke with a group of people and everyone has this realization that we just smoked good bud. Concerning the effects, It's a nice cerebral buzz, but I felt mellow and clearheaded. Not gonna get a surge of energy from this stuff but...”

  • “When I opened the jar I was hit with the refreshing slightly fruity/slightly pine aroma. The taste was fairly mellow, but a bit harsh using an ice bong. My bud was kind of dry, though. My head had been hurting pretty bad, but I had some things I wanted to get done, so I went with a sativa hybrid. I was a bit dizzy for the first 15 minutes or so, and my pain went from about an 8 to a 5. It wasn't the best strain I've ...”

  • “Decided to smoke pineapple trainwreck after a few month break and was pretty nervous due to the anxiety I get when I smoke. This strain eased my senses immediately and I felt like for once, everything in my mind felt okay and that I was genuinely safe. This strain is great for being social. I felt like I wanted to talk on and on, and also gave me a boost of creativity for guitar playing and songwriting. Definitel...”

  • “Great earthy smelling/tasting strain with subtle fruity quality about it. Very relaxing for the body and relaxing for the mind as well. Perfect balance of stoned and clear headedness. Great for anxiety and pain.”