Pineapple Reviews

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  • “Finding a strain that treats lethargic depression and boosts energy without triggering anxiety or paranoia is a challenge, especially when you're prone to cannabis-induced anxiety. Enter Pineapple: my current superhero strain. Pineapple provides a cheerful, energetic high without the racing thoughts or paranoia of some sativa-dominant strains. (I get full-blown panic attacks from many strains but this one does n...”

  • “Pineapple is overall, a very solid strain. To begin, it lives up to it's name and has a very dank and fruity smell. When smoked, it tends to be hover in a median between clean and dirty, but it varies from hit to hit. The high itself is very invigorating and tends to lead one to ingest large amounts of food and get the pulse pumping. The last time I got together with friends to smoke this particular strain we ended u...”

  • “Quickly moved into my top three strains. I have struggled with Bipolar Depression my entire adult/teen life. This is probably the best strain for snapping me back into a functional state. Very uplifting, very motivating feelings. Sheds the anxiety and any bad vibes that might be bouncing around. This is one I'd like to have in my medicine cabinet at all times”

  • “Head and body high. Feels like a hug. Super energetic. Heightened sexual pleasure. Super easy to workout.”

  • “This is the third time I've gotten my hands on it. I wont go in to detail but you only want to get the top shelf quality of this one, it doesn't taste right if it's not cured or dried properly. It does exactly what it's supposed to, knocking out anxiety & eye pressure & migraines. A very good uplifting head & body high. Not so great on relieving physical aches and pains in your body but good for neck & eye strain & ...”

  • “Whew, talk about a multifaceted high! This puppy comes in HARD with diesel smell through the baggie, and upon opening the baggie, pineapple smell comes out. Very loud and dank! You smoke enough in one session, your mind's not in Kansas anymore! It really acts like both indica and sativa in a flip-flopping sort of way. Your mind really grows at an exponential rate, creates this sort of "spiral logic" right out of the...”

  • “I purchased this as an outdoor strain on 4/20 from a dispensary. It was the bottomshelf $20 eight. I was skeptical but I enjoy it. The high didn't send me into outer space or make me completely stupid. Very mellow and clear-headed. I don't how much being sun-grown accounts for this, but I approve. Also had a great citrusy clean taste.”

  • “I tried this strain yesterday day and I never really had pineapple before this high was pretty good. I was full with joy as well energy my pulse was racing like I could go on a run right now but anyways I just smoked it this morning for school and I'm bout to see how it plays out I'm chillin so far I enjoyed the high last time so I should be good.”