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What is Pinewarp?

Pinewarp (also known as BC Mountain Pinewarp) is a fragrant strain with fascinating time-bending effects. It emits a strong pine aroma that mingles with earth and berry notes when broken up, filling the nose with a smooth floral fragrance. The high is elating and cozy without being too heavy, imbuing the consumer with gleeful focus that can effortlessly carve hours off an activity. Pinewarp is a perfect option for consumers looking to relieve stress and depression while remaining engaged and productive.

Where to Buy Pinewarp

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Pinewarp Effects and Attributes

Dry Mouth

Pinewarp Flavors

  • 1. Tree Fruit
  • 2. Pungent
  • 3. Pine

Review Highlights

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Most Helpful

“It gives you a smooth uplifting feeling, relaxes while leaving you free to continue with your daily routines.”

Most Recent

“This is my start and maintain my day weed. It doesn't look special, Infact if you were to look at it you will be disappointed by the appearance of the outdoor organic Bud. However your opinion will quickly change one you put it in your grinder. The Terps become very dominant in the room and immediately start to take effect. Once consumed I will start to feel energy levels increase and my motivation begins to excel. I...”