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Pink Cookies Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Pink Cookies is a extreme rarity! it isn't pink, it's not the best fragrance and it isn't the worst. Pink Cookies texture is a comfortable chunky with semi-rich earth tone colors and a floral, earth, exotic fruit aroma before being lit. After lighting the Pink Cookies, the aroma shifts to a deep sensual earth fragrance with the effects being in the 90% range of euphoria (mental) with calm, focused, sociable, self-enl...”

  • “Really enjoy Pink Cookies... it's a "fuck you up" strain, but it isn't too heavy. Probably you won't want to do a crossword or wire a circuit board, but chatting and gaming will definitely be enhanced. My suggestion... Pink Cookies, PS4, and snacks.”

  • “Grown by NWCS WA - 9/1/2016 : 26+ THC - Loving this strain. Gassy diesel funk with a sweet kushy/cherry after taste that lingers on the tongue well after exhale. Heavy Cookies Terps and a HEAVY Indica couchlock stone to help relax after a long day. Taste 8.7/10 Potency - 9.1/10 - Bag Appeal - 8.4/10. Overall 8.8/10. This batch is in my Top 5 flowers so far for 2016. (Grade = 8.8 A-) A top shelf Keeper.”

  • “When you have to question, did I move from my desk to the kitchen to grab a snack and then move to the sofa to sit down and enjoy said snack, how did I get here? Did that really happen? That's what you're in store for. Well at least I was. Seriously can't stress and I'll go full Obi Wan here and say do not under estimate the power of this strain. Especially vaping. You'll feel it take hold after the first 2 pulls an...”

  • “Grown by NWCS DOH 9-5-16: very dense, hearty buds that sparkle with trichomes. my batch smelled strong and earthy with a peppery pungent flavor on exhale. after one toke I could feel the heavy 25% THC content start to wash over me and it was all smiles from there! This is an amazing strain that I use at the end of the day for a full body relaxed feeling. heavy sedation relieves pain and stress. Pink Cookies is a win...”

  • “its a nice body high that makes your whole body relaxed. Helps with pain and zens your mind”

  • “This is my Favoirte Strain. Period, The End. Wedding cake is a good other name for this strain because she is best waifu of weed. Northwest Cannabis Solutions knocked it out of the galaxy with this. Every time i run out of weed I buy this. Even when I want to try other strains, I get a gram at least of Pink. Long lasting body effects gives this strain a huge longevity of high. You peak early, but then you settle i...”

  • “pink cookies, pink cookies, this bud strain had me out. it is great for sleeping, it's euphoric and will get you high!! it's a heavy indica. mine was 26% it smelled and taste so good! super in love with pink cookies. my budz were the mini. budz. I'd recommend to anyone who enjoys indica!”