Pink Cookies Reviews

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  • “Pink Cookies is a extreme rarity! it isn't pink, it's not the best fragrance and it isn't the worst. Pink Cookies texture is a comfortable chunky with semi-rich earth tone colors and a floral, earth, exotic fruit aroma before being lit. After lighting the Pink Cookies, the aroma shifts to a deep sensual earth fragrance with the effects being in the 90% range of euphoria (mental) with calm, focused, sociable, self-enl...”

  • “Grown by NWCS WA - 9/1/2016 : 26+ THC - Loving this strain. Gassy diesel funk with a sweet kushy/cherry after taste that lingers on the tongue well after exhale. Heavy Cookies Terps and a HEAVY Indica couchlock stone to help relax after a long day. Taste 8.7/10 Potency - 9.1/10 - Bag Appeal - 8.4/10. Overall 8.8/10. This batch is in my Top 5 flowers so far for 2016. (Grade = 8.8 A-) A top shelf Keeper.”

  • “Really enjoy Pink Cookies... it's a "fuck you up" strain, but it isn't too heavy. Probably you won't want to do a crossword or wire a circuit board, but chatting and gaming will definitely be enhanced. My suggestion... Pink Cookies, PS4, and snacks.”

  • “Grown by NWCS DOH 9-5-16: very dense, hearty buds that sparkle with trichomes. my batch smelled strong and earthy with a peppery pungent flavor on exhale. after one toke I could feel the heavy 25% THC content start to wash over me and it was all smiles from there! This is an amazing strain that I use at the end of the day for a full body relaxed feeling. heavy sedation relieves pain and stress. Pink Cookies is a win...”

  • “one of the best phenos of GSC only better which is hard to come by.. a definite must try.. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”

  • “its a nice body high that makes your whole body relaxed. Helps with pain and zens your mind”

  • “perfect for a snacks, TV, gaming session.”

  • “pink cookies, pink cookies, this bud strain had me out. it is great for sleeping, it's euphoric and will get you high!! it's a heavy indica. mine was 26% it smelled and taste so good! super in love with pink cookies. my budz were the mini. budz. I'd recommend to anyone who enjoys indica!”