Pink Hawaiian Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Aloha oukou! Pink Hawaiian is sweeet tasting and I'd say it's the equivalent to the alcoholic beverage Sex on The Beach. Great smoke for people just getting into recreational or MMJ cannabis. The feel is light and cerebral, with roughly the same physical kick as a double shot espresso. PH is going to be any social butterfly's delight.”

  • “ of my favorites.buds are tight fat and dense.when you break it up you'll feel the gritty feeling of crystals sticking to your fingers.smell is amazing smoke smooth and sweet really uplifting buzz good to go out and socialize or do stuff .recommended for those of us with adhd”

  • “The best high sex i've had was with this strain.”

  • “Long time, multi-method user (vape, bong, j, edible, etc...), first session mmm, blown away by the taste. Like enjoying a well aged scotch/whiskey. Good daytime strain. Keeps even keel with other daytime strains. Very uplifting and positive sensations. Amazing with a cup of coffee in the morning. Does what it's suppose to do. The taste for me, is what sets this strain apart. Well done!”

  • “This is is a rare treat. buds are tight and dence, you can feel gritty crystals when you break it up.tastes really smooth a little sweet.great for going out and socializing or getting things done.very good for those of us with adhd.”