Platinum Huckleberry Cookies Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Platinum Huckleberry Cookies is a nice looking, tasty strain with colorful buds and loaded with trichomes! The high is a nicely balanced hybrid high that soars like a sativa but is nice and social at the onset then mellows to a comfortable indica narcotic effect later. Great for pain, anxiety, relaxation, lack of appetite, depression, and spasms.”

  • “if you get the chance to try this strain, do it! It's a good medicine for relief during the day, also does wonders for my depression in the same way Lemonhead OG handles my depression. Also I noticed my anxiety is completely nonexistent & that's very rare.”

  • “it looks and smokes amazing with waves of euphoria steadily going through my body and mind, but the taste is a little bland and there's something left to be had. overall it's taste reminds me of some of the early sativa strains on BC dro I used to smoke.”

  • “Very stoney. Able to hold intelligent conversation or thoughts if you want, but also can lose yourself in thought and just zone out. Physical actions are on autopilot. Like putting-your-phone-in-the-fridge stoned. Heavy eyelids. Of course being a cookies cross means I always get the damn munchies, but but not too bad with this.”

  • “Nice Rare color bud and Sticky nice body buzz little heady but focused. Nice”

  • “I have fibromyalgia and this strain has really helped with my pain!”

  • “Love this strain very relaxing and pain killing properties only bring it out on the weekend usually Sundays. I don't have a care in the world just enjoying the lazy feeling.”

  • “Big shout out to the dynasty genetics guys - your strains always top notch”