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Pop Rox Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Rather epic leaves me with a fizzling bubbly good mood with a sweet fruity after taste, do not expect to be very calm as it will make you fidgety for the first portion the fall back down is smooth but at a rather fine pace and it's just as enjoyable as the climb up to the peak of this high which causes easy sexual stimulation, all in all pretty good strain”

  • “Creamy sweet strawberry, blueberry, banana with a hint of citrus rolling off the edge of your palate. The smell of the gram of shatter concentrate I purchased from Encanto Green Cross in Phoenix is mainly creamy berry. Dabbing about a 0.1 on a silicone road runner with a titanium nail. Harsh on the inhale, smooth berry cream flavors hit my senses as well as a warm massaging feeling behind my eyes that settles into my...”

  • “Great strain for daily use. It relaxes the body while delivering a head high that lets time fly. Headaches and nausea be gone.”

  • “Like it says, it's a great strain to get the creative and energetic juices flowing through ya.”