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Professor Chaos Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Let's start with the smell. Oh, sweet smelly smell. A sweet earthy smell with a very small touch of pine. The flavor matches as well, a nice earthy tone, very woody and very light spice to it. The high is phenomenal, very clear headed and VERY energetic minus the pounding anxiety. Great if you need to get work DONE. But don't over do it, honestly, or you will know exactly what ADHD feels like, and I'm not remotely ...”

  • “Loo loo loo I've got some apples, loo loo loo you've got some too! After trying so many strains I feel like I've found "the one". That strain that heals you, makes you happy, and has amazing pain killing properties. Form: Shatter Brand: Canamo concentrates Cross: Jack the Ripper x Mad Scientist This strain helps my scoliosis pain as well as pain from herniated & degenerating discs. It also puts you in an amazing m...”

  • “Love this strain. sparkles more than the ring I got my wife. great hybrid. puts you down but brings you right back up and awake. The smell is the most noticable part and it carries right into the taste. A must try.”

  • “This turned out to be a great find. ..this is the last of the night so not quite with it right now so will right better review soon. .but this is super good”

  • “This gave me an unbelievable amount of energy, a very clear headed high, and a mellow, relaxed mood. At first it made me feel very mellow and relaxed, almost sleepy. After about 15 minutes, once the full effects had kicked in, I was very energetic and focused, and my migraine was gone! A word of caution: don't take this before bed. I did I couldn't sleep, I was up all night, and finally got up at 6 am. Take this as i...”

  • “My current favorite ❤️❤️❤️”

  • “The energy boost transitions into a fairly nice muscle release. I was alert and my mood improved greatly. I don't know what to say, it's a fantastic strain in my opinion, with a very nice up and a really gentle come down.”

  • “This is ONE of my TOP 5 STRAINS of ALL TIME. Hopefully this review will give you some personal perspective if that’s what you’re looking for🤔😏👌 What the kind Professor Chaos has helped me achieve has been nothing more than bliss. It's been a perfectly transition medication to who I am now BOTH physically, personally, and mentally! M/37/Med build MEDICAL: Motorcycle accident 2011=TBI, broken left ank...”