Project Blue Book Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of my all time favorite strains- smells heavenly with a focused, creative, uplifting cerebral effect while providing pain relief, and muscle relaxation. As far as sativa /sativa dominant strains go, PBB actually calms my anxiety and helps with ADHD as well. Good for the body, mind, mood and attitude!”

  • “Got a gram of flower free. Good signature sativa head rush, uplifting, silly, etc. A bit too harsh for me to keep as a strain in my rotation, but pleasantly surprised for a freebie.”

  • “blue dream was my favorite until i tried this strain!! makes me feel happy and motivated x”

  • “Strangest aromatic bud with a delightful heady effect. Vaped via Co2 oil and "Kaboom"! Mind quickly lifted up to a more cerebral plane. Tummy pain, which nagged me all day long was relieved. Remained focused for several hours on my guitar.”

  • “The Project Blue Book is a great strain for all those Blue Dream lovers.. only its better! Very nice head high with super chill undertones of body high.”

  • “My go to strain! It's pretty much Blue Dream on steroids. Great for pain relief after work and a good video game session!”

  • “Project Blue Book is a very lovely, mellow relaxing strain. It has both a calming cerebral effect as well as a tingly body buzz. I found the pain relief for this strain to be fairly good too. It's effects are quite similar to Blue Dream but I find Project Blue Book to provide a deeper relaxed feeling. Great for any time of day. Overall a very pleasant strain and one I am glad I had an opportunity to try. I deducted o...”

  • “This is a cool little sativa when i smoke this I'm very relaxed but not sleepy!”