Puna Budder Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Love this strain! I tried a gram and went back for a half oz the next day. absolutely LOVE the effects. hard to find, def a fav for an all around great medicine (for severe pain, intense anxiety, chronic nausea and more!)”

  • “This strain produces a mellow, yet strong high that lasts for hours. Smells like brown sugar and butter, and usually comes in large, dense buds. One of my favorite hybrids for daytime smoking”

  • “Absolutely one of the best strains I've ever smoked shit had me lifted for a solid 6 hours”

  • “Jah Healing Caregivers 2!!”

  • “I grew Puna butter a few years back and it is definitely a strain that is unique in all respects incredible Aroma of banana, sweet fruits and other old Afghan smells. heavy yielding by luck I ended up with around 10 seeds .”

  • “It's like a marriage of old school Hawaii and old school California. Roots go back, just like Kauai Electric and Maui Wowie the California contribution is the old school afghani kush from Humboldt. Blend-um and... bingo!”

  • “I used to grow this in New England in the mid-late nineties and it was a favorite! Haven't seen it in years and am very excited that it is listed here - perhaps I'll be able to find it again sometime soon in Seattle. It's been a while, but I'll never forget its truly unique, sweet, stinky, aroma - like rotting tropical fruit and freshly-cleaned lady parts. As far as I can recall, the effects on me were both rela...”