Purple AK-47 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “🍳..Yikes! This strain made me feel like scrambled eggs! My first & last time trying, for sure. Purchsed a quarter from HYS & regretted after first HOOKA bowl. Looks Beautiful, Tastes Aweful, High is Dull, Unfocused=BURN OUT herb for sure! Gave me a headache?😔 May be good for others, just Not my personal choice...Soo much Amazing ARIZONA MMJ... PASS, pASS, NEXT..To each her own..Be Well, Happy & High, ✌&💙.......”

  • “Perfect strain for doing nothing but listening to music with the lights off.”

  • “Whoa. Amazing body high!!! Completely kills the pain. Mentally functional too, AT FIRST. But later the head high hits. It is a very potent yet relaxed head high. At first before the mental effects kick in, the body high on its own sets the stage for a chill mood. You just feel so nice and relaxed. So when the mental piercing bullet blown from the AK-47 hits your noggin, your in a good mood to begin with. It induces a...”

  • “Purple AK-47? Sounds like something Prince would carry if he were a gangster. I'm not a fan of the name but the effects are what the show is about. So, I think the object of this game is to work hard and play hard; PAK-47 allowed me to do both. Hailed as a "one-hitter" strain, PAK-47 definitely gets the cellular processes going. Cerebral effects are intense for an indica-dom hybrid, and the pain relief is a major fa...”

  • “Purple Ak-47 is a true canibis hybrid. The high hits late and with a full mental buzz keeping you light in your feet. Stage two is a full body erotic tropical sensation that starts in your toes. The taste is sweet pine and is best tasted through a licked wet zig zag pape. Peace yall guy #7 is outÿ”

  • “I had the great pleasure of trying Purple Ak-47 from DMWC and it was just what i needed. I suffer from glaucoma and have L-3,4,5, of my spine herniated and suffer from lower back pain. I've tried them all but this strain is different it seem to work very fast and it works good on controlling my pain. Thanks guys”

  • “Great grape flavor you'd expect from a purple strain. Really helps with chronic musculoskeletal pain and after a chiropractic treatment. A bit hard hitting and potent on the first experience, so small tokes are best, as its a creeper. Smoke in the evening because it can put you down. Smoke in the morning if you need heavier pain relief and are not leaving the house. I plan to have back stock. I don't want to run out ...”

  • “O.M.G.. i smoked it on the basketball court and start to feel like life is a movie which i loved every second of it..gotta have it”