Purple Alien OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Wow. For someone who prefers a sativa, Purple Alien OG is one of my all time favorite strains. A couple hits of this heavy hitter will leave you feeling so relaxed and at ease. Depending on what I am doing I can either get major couch lock or be just fine being active. The key is it amplifies whatever you were all ready doing. So sitting on the couch smoking a bowl of PAO and you'll be stuck there all night. Smoking ...”

  • “my favorite strain hands down. great for pain anxiety and most importantly stress. top shelf strain right here”

  • “Now THIS is an indica for chronic pain and complete relaxation. Absolutely LOVE this strain!! Whether you enjoy the beautiful sparkling tricomes that look like they have been dipped in diamond chards, the amazing tone of the dark purple leaves or the fresh berry/grape juice flavour- this strain has what you need! Perfect for those suffering from chronic pain or treatment induced nausea/insomnia. Heavy couch lock, so ...”

  • “Great strain! Mine wasn't purple but it was very good weed. Rock hard buds and a little bit goes a long way. This batch I have is far more head than body. Not energetic or racy, just heady. Mine was also called Purple Alien, not Purple Alien OG but I assume they are the same.”

  • “This is a nice little strain I discovered in SF at Apothecarium. I asked for some bud that was good for pain, sleep but that would not totally knock me out .This is the ticket. Alert, but relaxed, focused, a little sleepy, and generally happy. It did lead to some dry mouth, but that's why they invented water. It did the trick for me as after enjoying the herb for a while, I was able to easily drift off into sleep.”

  • “Really good indica hybrid. This stuff beat me up. Great for knocking you out and putting you to sleep. Crazy smooth smoke.”

  • “This is AMAZING for nausea, acid reflux and IBS. Any digestive or stomach related pain. The strain is a wonderful pain reliever while providing a happy, uplifted and giggly sensation.”

  • “A very Firey, Flowery Strain, Darker in Color and with beautiful Trichomes. I really enjoyed the High, which was light and airy. Mixed with Darth Maul Og, and Raspberry Kush in a cone rocked my world.”