Purple Arrow Reviews

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  • “This strain is right there with Grape God. I have pain, I don't need to feel f*cked up, I need relief. The first time I tried Purple Arrow I had nerve pains shooting down my neck into my upper back. After the first drag the pain was gone, and I could still function at about 90%. Everything else I've tried hits so fricking hard I can't even think. With G.G. or P.A. I can spend time enjoying the smoking aspect of medic...”

  • “After back and neck surgeries, I was declared disabled. I had been on hydrocodone for a bunch of years and then switched to morphine. In addition I was on muscle relaxers and gabapentin. I realized I was/had turned into a zombie. It was recommended that I try marijuana for pain management instead of the pharma I was taking. Having worked with Purple Arrow for the pain for approximately three months I am off the ...”

  • “extremely potent and and an absolute pain relieving remedy for any occasion. this strain has a potent high that creates a feeling of pure contentment. i enjoyed anything i tried to do. i worked hard with focus and without pain opne day. the next it helps putting me to sleep. i enjoy taking this strains flowers with me when im exploring the great outdoors. this strain also promotes fearlessness which is great for thos...”

  • “I had heard that for pain and restlessness this strain would work magic, and it did. After three hits I was so chill I could barely keep my eyes open. I just sat on the couch playing video games until I passed out. Very opiate feeling. My head was in the clouds and my body was feeling no pain. I have sciatica in my right hip and I am recovering from back surgery and I can honestly say Purple Arrow did the trick ...”

  • “this is the new generation of medicinal cannabis strains. extremely potent when grown in the absolute conditions. the potent shotgun start really motivated my day with a strong happy uplifted yet con tent feeling. safe to say this medication is the new age dominant potent strain.”

  • “Another staple in the medicine cabinet that works great for pain and nausea. Grounded PA has a pungent strong herbal odor, vaped it has a sweet pine taste with a little berry after taste. I prefer vaporizing this med in the evening and before bed. It has a nice even body high that quickly resolves pain issues and relaxes enough for sleep or light tasks.”

  • “My favorite overall strain. Very narcotic, tingly body buzz. Very uplifting and relax head high helps you relax while your body pain melts away.”

  • “Do you have pain? Depression? don't worry, Purple Arrow has got your back. Migraines? Fatigue? Stomach cramps or nausea? GONE This is truly a FIVE star strain! it immediately knocks out my pain and leaves me feeling very clear headed, happy, and ready to go. This strain has quickly become my go-to strain in my medicine cabinet.”