Purple Cheese Reviews

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  • “I love GSC strains but this Super Purple Cheese is awesome! Dense buds, sticky, potent and flavorful. Finest Kind Health delivers again =) ... Found them on weedmaps.com”

  • “Purple cheese, this strain is by far one of the best I have came across, it is one that will clear your mind while giving you a happy & euphoric feeling throughout your whole being. You get creative, you get open-minded, and you just have a good time. Unfortunately, there are some negatives to it. While it does not make you very hungry, it does give you a dry mouth. While that may be a problem, it still doesn't ruin...”

  • “Super stony. Good sedating, but don't expect to do shit. Seriously. This is night time weed. A highbred, but hits like a full Indica with steam behind it. Girlfriend had nasty monthly cramps and now she is singing Prince songs and dancing (there's no music playing). Good stuff.”

  • “Purple cheese has a lot of purple On it... My trichomes are 70%Amber on this one and it hits you also in the eyes.. Feel knock out for 15 mints then munchies.. It has high levels of CBD i read on a diff page”

  • “Yesterday I had my first smoke of some Purple Cheese. I smoked one nice joint with a friend. (About 0,8 grams for the two of us) Kept me nice and stoned for more then 2,5 hours! The smell is not strong at all, it's very compactly grown but easy to crunch/grind. You can definantaly feel it's a good mix bitween Indica and Sativa. The best Hybrid i have ever smoked. It's very expensive in a official coffee shop (14 Eu...”

  • “If you have anxiety and you want to relax with zero paranoia in the evening it's Indica dominance kicks in this is do nothing but chill till further notice.”

  • “I'm not a fan of hybrids I usually smoke indicas since I suffer from severe anxiety disorder. This strain I picked it up on a whim reading that it has decent cbd and nice thc... i have to admit it was pretty damn great. I never smoke to the point that I'm blasted just till I'm nicely high and I felt great a tiny bit heavy very chill concentrated wasn't spacing out. It was really well balanced now I'm sleepy and it's ...”

  • “I purchased this under the name "Purple Chedda". Yes, chedda, not cheddar :-) The effects are just as listed in the Leafly description. I suffer from arthritis and anxiety (wow, what a rickety old mess I sound!) and this soothed my mind then the pain then I'm pretty sure I stared at the buffering sphere on my laptop for a few minutes before realizing the computer had gone offline. Smoke this when you've nowhere ...”