Purple Hashplant Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Purchased 2 grams for $20,( any strain. Fri, Sat, and Sun only.FYI) at Next Generation Cannabis Club in San Ysidro, CA (2 miles from the Mexico/U.S. Boarder. Smoked it out of my bong around 12:00am. This strain is definitely for night time chill out, packed a pretty nice fat bowl, got me feeling very floaty, with some trippy body feelings. But, miss all that in together and you get this Euphoric feel with the world. ...”

  • “cloudy floating feeling, great night time strain will knock you out”

  • “the hashplant was while being a legal patient/caregiver/vendor to 5 clubs in ca,co.it was allways a winner with all 5 clubs and easy to grow ,get er done in under 90 days from seed to manicured bud,I grew organically under 3 400 watts sunlights,hps for flowering,so i used to use my bedrooms for flowering=12/12,same set-up 3 400 watts hps ,s bulbs .I used 400 because they don,t get too hot of course i had a couple of...”

  • “BEST OF THE BEST! For someone with anxiety and a love for good flowers, PHP does the job and then some. Grown indoors in ideal conditions this plant can return some of the best flowers I've smoked in 6 years of smoking. Does wonders for anxiety, insomnia and mild pains. Instant relaxation and the taste of a berry/sweet candy really tops it off. Id smoke on this all day everyday if i could. If given the chance please ...”

  • “Amazing in appearance - covered in trichomes on every single bud and leaf. Relaxing high that made me want to munch out.”

  • “I really like this strain. It help soothes me, especially after a difficult day at work. Sometimes, I can't sleep after a hard day, so this helps me sleep.”

  • “just tried the 1st hit out of my oz of Purple Hashplant shatter. This strain was bred selectivley from scratch to be purley a concentrate strain.Seein the plants is amazing, blankets of amber trichs cover deep green and purple buds. The shatter is a perfect consistency, and wreek of sweet purply goodness. Off the rig, classic hashy flavors mix with classic purply flavors to make your mouth have a orgasm. Instantly a ...”

  • “I love it...did I mention I love it”