Purple Jack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Definite Sativa, Has this amazing fruityiness that is slightly pungent with... well a Jack Herer smell over it, The high is perfect, you are chilled with a head high that is more of a buzz and it kills stress with no ill effects after awhile the indica sets in and you might drop though.”

  • “First thing I noticed was a very sweet citrus smell not unlike a tangerine or mango. The buds had a nice green color with very light coloured hairs. The buds were not as dense as I have seen in other strains. I was told this strain has Jack H. and an indica. The smoke was harsher than I am used to. I dont use tobacco products so I may be more sensitive. The effects did creep a bit. But to me I experienced a ...”

  • “This strain gives you a very nice mind and body high, perfect for creativity and productivity”

  • “Really couldn't tell if this was sativa or indica. It felt like both. All I know is it is strong. Almost too much at one point but not quite. A bit of a creeper. Very stoney, could put you to sleep if that is what you want it for. Body and head high. SMMA says it is Sativa dom, the few strain websites that have it say it is 70% indica. Thumbs up. This is powerful medicine.”

  • “The Purple Kush really helps with the anxiety I tend to feel from Sativa dominant strains such as Jack. I get the amazing conversation-stimulating and uplifting effects of the Sativa with the body calming effects of the Indica.”

  • “I'm just in love with this strains visual preference.”

  • “This is one of my favorite daytime strains. I can focus very well and hold an intelligent conversation. I usually don't like the taste of most strains, but this one is delicious and tangy. It reminds me of those sweet tarts candies.”

  • “Really good cannabis, I would recommend you try it. I smoke everyday as a patient and I noticed the difference with this. lol.”