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Purple Maui Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I consumed a lot of energy once I smoked purple Maui .. I felt like getting up and exercising !”

  • “Great bid for a long day. Really relaxes the body and opens up the mind to you inner imagination. I love it and hope you do too :)”

  • “not bad...not incredible tase or smell wise...gets the job done but theres better stuff out there”

  • “I love it need it more often”

  • “Great stuff!”

  • “Definitely fights the sleepiness of some of my indicas and helps with my anxiety, depression, and stomach problems. Not my first choice for the muscle spasms and pain. Good to wake and bake in moderation. Overall I'd buy it again to treat my daily symptoms! But if my back is really bad I might look elsewhere.”

  • “Taste was amazing. Felt very relaxed and happy. Beautiful looking buds too.”

  • “Good sativa dominant strain. Good buzz. Nothing special on the first go around. Though I have a crazy high tolerance so if the flower is less than 25% thc i don't even notice I smoked at all except to say I'm not nauseous all the Time. Med marijuana patient here. NH”