Purple Princess Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Yep..It's a Creeper. For me it started in my head,and slowly crept down into my body. I felt really good for about an hour n half,then I started to feel it moving downward. After a another hour or so.. (I don't remember) I got really tired, and went to bed.”

  • “really nice head high, noticed a little cough so I broke it up and noticed that was a better idea. this girl has allot of branches tucked in her, not a terrible pain though because it's easier to decipher flower because of her dark purple color. the feeling i instantly have after smoking it is it makes me feel happy in my head, really nice to listen to music on or some sexual adventure, I can see too. I donated a 25...”

  • “Great strain, smooth, very effective. you get a nice head high, then body. The best abut this is that you won't feel fucked up after the comedown”

  • “I hit it real before playing basketball with my friends and it was the best high i ever experienced I zoned out the entire basketball game lol P.S my eyes were REALLY REALLY red!!!!!”

  • “Definitely a creeper. The first 10 minutes or so your mildly high and enjoying it than BAM! Your straight retarded! Great smelling, looking, and tasting bud. For $10 a gram I was super pleased! I would say it's medicinally good for Stress and Depression!”

  • “Ok so i just smoked a bowl of this strain last night for the first time, and honestly it has become my new favorite strain. i know you see that saying here a lot on the reviews but seriously if you havnt tried this before GO TRY IT.it has this great combo of effects that trip you out, sit you down, keep you calm, but also make you laugh at anything in the best way. its also pretty strong, perfect if you have a high t...”

  • “Looks bomb, smells not to shabb, high can definitely get some help.”

  • “Makes me extremely focused and clear, high, energetic. Great for studying or talking.”