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Purple Raine Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Saw this as a premium special (by growers 831organikflowers) so I took a try on it and was very happy. Wonderful pine & candy grape smell with small dense buds that had purple hints to it. FYI this strain would be a hassle to breakdown with anything but a grinder. Purple Raine is what I would consider a true hybrid. A really, really great strain that moves with you through the day depending on your schedule. You n...”

  • “Very great strain for a daytime smoke and smoke enough it will couch you in the evening for sure. The taste is with pine flavor with a aroma of citrus. A very powerful mind sedative for any conditions. The tricones on the bud where nice and white with large white crystals that can be seen from the plan of your hand. THC was around 16% which sound pretty darn great for a smoke session any day.”

  • “Super purple and keefy bud. Grape esque smooth smoke. I’m had been smoking bongs every day straight for about 7-8 months but then in December I took a 2 week tolerance break. I smoked a joint and bout a .25 bong rip and that shit HIT! I feel a strong energy in my chest. Slight headache :( Muscles very relaxed. Slightly disassociated. :): Times moving slow. Tingles in my bodyyyyy. This shit strongggg. 10/10 smoke it i...”

  • “Just smoked this twice today! It's added to my favorite list. It's a great motivational high so definitely a day time weed. But I smoked it before bed and ended up sitting on the couch with munchies. 5 star for me.”

  • “Hit me like a Sativa. Great enrgy I got a little light headed but nothing serious I think it wasore the rush. Overall Good not great.”

  • “🤔I really like this strain. Tastes great through my Utillian 651. Nice mellow head high with zone out capabilities. Helps one to settle into relaxation. Open the bag and wow...awesome nose treat too. Fills the room fast with it’s aromatherapy. With that being said...If your like me and like to work right after medicating. You can with this it’s mood dependent on how it works. You wanna just veg so be it. It does the...”

  • “Nice spcice to the flavor. Well balanced high.”

  • “Euphoric, relaxed yet energetic high. Perfect to smoke before Saturday morning chores.”