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Purple Sage Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “First experience with this strain. Very impressed with this Indica that can give you an equal Sativa feeling while being a great pain reliever. 9.5 for me..”

  • “Outstanding stuff. Makes me happy, upbeat and with an outstanding , but not racy head high. A lot of body sensations and tingling as well. Great on pain also. A couple of vapes from my pen put my in an awesome place. I medicated with the blond flake from Farmacy PDX. A +.”

  • “Oh where has this gone in Portland? It is the perfect strain!”

  • “I bought an eighth of this bud for $50...kinda pricey if you ask me :/. Price aside, I was very intrigued by the appearance of the bud. The bud was almost completely purple. It almost looks as if somebody had put purple dye on it. The smell of the nugs were something new to me. It didn't even really smell like bud, it smelled more like a normal bush you would pass by on the street. It's a different story whe...”

  • “very nice chronic :)”

  • “Gives me a mellow high that I can use if I'm up doing something or just being lazy.”

  • “Maybe it's just me but it wasn't anything special. I'll hold it a couple of weeks and try again. I'll update my review if there is any change.”

  • “Very strong sage hint in bud form but when broken up and smoked it gave off a nice hint of lemon, very heavy body high but still packs the punch to the face.”