Purple Skunk Reviews

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  • “"Popping my strain review cherry" with Purple Skunk. This, after nearly 6 months of being a MMJ patient in AZ. I figured I needed to be a bit more knowledgeable about what worked best for my body before I started adding reviews. Overall, in my line of work, I am most productive when I can be relaxed and focused at the same time. I test sativas for this primarily and have found a few favs. Psk ---Definitely will be ...”

  • “Purple Skunk is a hybrid Sativa dominant. 87.5% Sativa and 12.5% Indica. It's a cross between Purple#1 and early Skunk.. It's a nice uplifting high, with slight mellow relaxation. Strong skunky and earthy taste when smoked or vapored.”

  • “A true contender for "grand-champion" of most, if not all, strains. Very, very head-oriented, though the body does it's best to catch up. And FAST. This strain tends to produce more psychedelic effects, which can be intense for the uninitiated. This is one of my favourite strains of all-time, as no matter what tolerance one has, this strain repeatedly puts MMJ patients in their place.”

  • “tasty, skunky and does a great job. I'd recommend it to someone who has insomnia.”

  • “absolutely love this strain. does wonders for my back aches and spasms. only takes me a couple tokes and im good for a while.”

  • “I loved skunk when younger and still love it now this is better than when I was younger”

  • “Pretty solid high I really enjoyed it and I feel relaxed. The flavor was more like a grape with some citrus? Well, anyways it as good.”

  • “This is one of my favorites to grow. It is probably the prettiest girl in the room. Short, sweet, and FULL of trichs, even at the early stages. The smell is strong, and the pungent skunk aroma leaves the nose longing for another wiff. Definately a well developed and proud girl. Her flower time is usually 9 weeks there about, although she seemingly could go longer, my best results are around 9. The bud swell is like n...”