Purple Sour Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Wow, okay, this strand is crazy-insane. I hit it out of a bong, and have been blasted for hours. Definitely one of my favorites! Great taste, too. Makes me want to read and discuss politics and major world issues.”

  • “Very smooth milky smoke but still manages to pack a punch. I love the grape-diesel smell. Looks like Sour D just purple tinted and more of a purple smell. It makes you very medicated yet still focused. It had the sativa effects in the eyes but calming mellow mood of an indica. Good hybrid.”

  • “I used Psd to wash away my problems with my bipolar disorder and it worked 100% I was calmer, happier, and all around relaxed. No mood spikes and it was almost impossible for me to get super low because I'd be laughing and having a good time.”

  • “I felt relaxed and pain relieved when smoking sour purp.. made me a little silly too haha. I like this strain. especially after an anxiety filled day”

  • “Got this from my bro .. I rolled this up in a backwood had me high af. Good if you need to relax and relieve some stress. I was creative while high on this I drew a lot.”

  • “I'm not positive, but there are several strains of this available from time to time. The flower from DAMA appears to be the very best in all of my experiments. DAMA's PS Diesel is pale green, sometimes dry that has a very tiny-sandy kief. Doesn't seem sticky to the touch, but one hit of this will get you comatose enough to eliminate restless leg syndrome as well as diabetic neuropathy, both of which annoys enough to ...”

  • “This is great for someone's first smoke like it was for me, because it won't hit you right away instead it slowly begins to creep in then after about 20 min that's when it hits hard but it won't leave you scared from any changes in "gravity" instead the first effects to kick in are that your mind starts racing with ideas and colors begging to brighten. The effect continues to increase for about 30 min then that's whe...”

  • “diddnt post my pic, and that pic looks like reggie so heres to a 2nd try. Sour Diesel IBL x NJ Purple Kush.”