Purple Voodoo Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Okay. Coming across quality thai strains are like christmas for me, and this is like that one "big" present hidden behind the tree just when you think you didn't get what you "really" wanted that year. Its that good. Thai (purple, I hear) x AK47. Seriously a kick to the head that has every orifice in your head dripping but in that, "good god, this is what cannabis should be like" sort of way. VERY heavy, very intense...”

  • “it's like a really hot girl fisting your mouth with a velvet glove and sprinkling glitter atop your head with the other hand. also, it smells like magic.”

  • “Very potent strain. I smoked probably 3/4 of what I would normally use and was far higher than I usually get. Gives you an intoxicating head high while smoking it and leaves you staring off into space for the next hour and a half after that. As an experienced smoker I must say this is one of my favorite "purple" strains I have ever tried and would recommend to others for insomnia and pain.”

  • “I just got ahold of this strain and I think I am in love. This is a legitimate hybrid. You get qualities you love from both indica and sativa. This is one of the few hybrid strains that has a totally clear head high for me. My head tends to feel more cloudy with other hybrids. Whether I am running errands, working, just relaxing or a quick hit to help with bed time, this is a great strain. It has a lovely taste as we...”

  • “This Purple Voodoo is no joke. For real, I took like one maybe two hits and I was good. You will feel is in your body like almost instantly except your head feels clear like a sativa, but with out the sped up thoughts. HIGH GRADE DANK BUD”

  • “Just Picked up CBB'S seed packs. Im going to starting with the Puple Voodoo's . Was a little sad to find that you must place a $2,500 order for them to even deal with you (comes with 25 strains 2 each). .Also they used to come in packs of 14, now they come in packs of 10. Needless to say, all 10 of my PV'S poped ;) Will update in mid flower!!”

  • “Purple Voodoo is one of my all-time favorite strains. It's always a happy day when I get to buy some. It has a deep, soothing feel which never fails to relax me.”

  • “Got this strain in Denver, so good. Tested over 30%. it's like a blue dream with a better balance of indica doesn't make you so paranoid. Very strong!”