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Purple Voodoo Reviews - Page 2

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “What I love about this strain is that each and every quality from both the Purple Urkle and the Sour Diesel are quite evident. I got a nice, sharp head buzz -- kept me creative, focused, and alert. But after about 20 mins, the intensity faded away and I was left with a very relaxing buzz that gently put me to sleep. All in all, it's great for both recreational purposes (video games, movies, chatting with friends), an...”

  • “Got this strain in Denver, so good. Tested over 30%. it's like a blue dream with a better balance of indica doesn't make you so paranoid. Very strong!”

  • “Purple Voodoo taste like most typical afghan strains. a good strain for relaxing after a days work also good for a mid day smoke it's also really easy on the lungs and I like those strains, I'm giving this strain a 4 out of 5”

  • “I feel like the flavours don't do this bad boy justice. I smelt a lot of pine. and tasted a very nice earthy/pine like flavour. And it really is NOT dank. but don't let the lack of smellyness deter you...this so far is my favourite strain.”

  • “This is a fantastic strain! Smell is pungent with an earthy aroma. This heavy indica hit the eyes very quickly followed with full body relaxation. Found it very hard to be focussed during the sedation but being an indica and evening sedation, I wasn't bothered by it. Very enjoyable strain for relaxing alone time!”

  • “a perfectly balance high great for de-stressing but being energized enough to do things.”

  • “good stuff, really help's the pain.”

  • “Dopest dope I ever smoked! Some of the best medicine in Vancouver BC right now. Smells good, looks better, smokes great. Killer head high mixed with a lazy but tingly body buzz. I use this stuff exclusively for my tendonitis, anxiety, and methadone-induced nausea. 10 outta 10!”