Qleaner Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Really good high man!! Tons of energy and really feel like being active, but also the most relaxed I've ever been! Music is mesmerizing. I've never felt so stress free.”

  • “Awesone for pain. I got some good munchies on it(not out-of-control munchies). I was very content and relaxed. It also made me kind of aroused. These are only some of the great effects this strain gives. This is an all around great strain.”

  • “Very strong head buzz. Not exactly energizing per se, but gave a nice "awake" feeling and a bit of a hyper, giggly feeling that comes and goes. Relatively focused high.”

  • “WOW! Holy head high! Qleaner comes on VERY STRONG, probably the strongest sativa cerebral high this old school vet has ever had! After Qleaner plows you with the overwhelming cerebral high, it mellows out nicely into a cerebral/body high. This is a daytime medication, beginning with small amounts is probably a good idea. Unless you really want to go for a ride! 5 stars all day every day!!!”

  • “Awesome smoke, helped with pain and anxiety. I have been pulling 70 hour weeks and qleaner has help immensely with just calming me down and keeping me focused and in the game. Love it”

  • “This strain left me a little buzzed after one bowl. After two I was definitely medicated. Fruity flavor with a bit of spice. Very smooth with a hash kick at the end. Good calm relaxing high.”

  • “Best sleep medicine for me”

  • “Great afternoon working the yard:) Or getting chores done around the house. Also smoked a lot of this at a music festival - was always ready for an adventure to the next set!”