Quebec Gold Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great body high. Dazing strain with a subtle taste and unique scent. Very dense”

  • “pretty much the best type we can have in quebec”

  • “This strain is fire. It gets you high before you even realize it. For me, I got high very fast. You feel heavy for a while. What describe that strain for me is : vibration and head high. My mind felt like it was vibrating. A very relaxing and euphoric strain too. I recommend to anyone living in Quebec.”

  • “Smells like strong citrus although not he best taste. Had this strain back home at the end of the 1990"s in Quebec city. Strong buzz but a bit anxious at times. Seen much stronger buzz before and after. Good entry level weed.”

  • “Good pain relief with an overall body relaxation high. Not extremely pungent smell. Gives a very nice buzz with an energy high. Great weed to take to work, just keep water or a drink near by, can give you a wicked case of dry mouth.”

  • “A great strain for the price, but is hard to find ( the real thing ) Great high, but could be better for the term "gold" Nug are beautiful Great for social, helps my anxiety, and can sure help to cut the stress of your daily life”

  • “Excellent weed , extremely good flavour , amazing weed...”

  • “Personally one of if the tied for my favorite strain I've ever smoked. Bought 42gs of this shit, ran through it. Up lifting and very energetic high.”