R-4 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Love R4 can smoke it all day long and feel so wonderful. Perfect if your seeking something to make you feel great without getting to high or high at all.”

  • “This is an outstanding CBD strain that everyone with a chronic pain should definitely try once. Smooth smoke, smooth smell. Good for anytime relief. Lots of orange hairs amongst medium green buds. It takes a lot to get rid of multiple pains through the body, from my knee pain to migraines and this strain does just that!”

  • “Cbd rich, this strain attacks my painful symptoms with swift effectiveness. Great for joint pain which is usually hard to manage even with other powerful strains. Quality cannabis! I'm extremely satisfied with R-4”

  • “I picked it up by mistake, and I'm glad i did! I'e never had any strain which was CDB dominant because I love the effects of THC. However, I found this strain to be heady, dreamy, and fun! I went into this laid back dreamy state, and felt no pain! You won;t get zooted, but it's like drinking a glass of wine that is 12.5% proof. Will buy again. not a 1/2 like I did b4, but an 1/8th. I also mixed it with Blue Dream and...”