Raw Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Gives you a very mellow high! I would say i experienced a 50/50 couch locked and head high at the same time. It's perfect for someone who needs to fight anxiety.”

  • “Raw diesel is the perfect strain to give you a quick burst of energy. I felt calm, happy and ready to go on an adventure. Not a bad strain, but after it wore off I felt a little down!”

  • “Good high, hits really quickly and stays for a long time.”

  • “Although this strain did make me feel relaxed and assisted in reducing some of my medical symptoms, I could not stand the overall taste or the smell. I did not enjoy this and would not use it again.”

  • “This strain did nothing for me. I felt no body or head high. If the dispensary did returns this one would defiantly be going back. Very disappointed.”

  • “I've always loved diesels, the way they smell, the way they taste, and the way they make you feel so I had to give this a try -Smell: This definitely has a nice diesel smell with a little earthiness and sweetness to it. -Look: This was cheaper at the dispensary and with this crop, I understand why. It has the standard green bud with orange hairs, but what I had this specific time crumbled too easily (it broke do...”

  • “very good relaxing experience! great for after a long day of work, or relieving stress! if u are looking for excitement this ain't it lol. good for relaxing muscle strain/pain.”