Red Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “If you don't like supreme pizza, After you smoke this, You will. Lol”

  • “This weed smells toooooo dank and WILL smell through the bag, it is a great christmas weed with a basic green color, and red hairs. When broken up it looks like a mistletoe as it has snowy white crystals on the inside. Smelling like tomato soup, on the inhale it takes on a weird chemical tomato flavor. The high is unbelievably good indica based hybrid high making your body feel right and your mind calm. 4.5/5”

  • “Good strain for some, but this strain can be detrimental in a manic or panicked state. Not my favorite diesel.”

  • “Apple Jack cereal! Great for lifting your mood. This strain is very active you will become your best self!”

  • “Very distinctive taste. Kind of reminds of a mint and spice Christmas flavour. Personally not one of my favourites but i know some who love it. The high is pretty decent.”

  • “This strain is a sativa-dominant (30/70) that packs a great punch. As a person who smokes indica most of the time I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this sativa. Its become my regular smoke nowadays. Oh, and it tastes great!”

  • “Finished my whole editing final in 2 hours after smoking a blunt and some bowls of this. Its Fire and will keep you focused. Top 10”

  • “So fuggin fyre tastes like chemicals and fruit made me choke on first hit”