Red Widow Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “this was my FAV when they sucked it at Moss Xng! I have ADD and OCD and anxiety and ALLLLL that went away.. or I have less of a $hit.. I didn't care! :-) I was energetic, happy, talkative, feeling no pain, and productive! I can walk and watch the sunset on the coast, clean my house (dancing IS a side-effect!), but I could also carry on a conversation among business peeps! More please!!”

  • “This shit made me trip”

  • “This was def not for me. all I experienced was a light head high more like an annoying headrush. it didn't relieve any pains or soreness nor did it give me couch lock,the munchies, or make me tired let alone sleepy. I was expecting a lot just because of the name ,but hey ,u live & u learn.”

  • “I can't believe it's not butter.”

  • “Not a favorite”

  • “I really like how this cannabis breaks up. A grinder really isn't necessary. Just squeeze a couple nice fluffy buds, and it breaks up perfectly to roll or load a bowl. The buds have A LOT of crystals, and I was lucky enough to of got the pick of the litter when it came to my supply, resulting in LARGE, well manicured Nuggs. More of a Sativa High, in my opinion. Lasting usually 2-3 hours. Sweet smelling bud with earth...”

  • “One of my top five all time faves. Distinctive terpine profile and smooth high.”

  • “Just picked this up the other day. Interesting buzz felt energetic great for a nice walk through the forest.”