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Redd Cross Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Redd cross is a bitch to trim but she finishes early.... mid to late September.... puts out coke cans for buds... is one of the most beautiful plants you will ever see in an outdoor garden... and easy to grow indoors as well... But more importantly she is tits best for pain and evening time sleep issues. She will hit a solid 18% THC and 8.0% CBD. if you have any type of nerve pain this is a Med you should always...”

  • “I got this for my daughter who's been suffering with chronic pain for 6-yrs. She has EDS-III, Dysautonomia, CSF Leaks and PTSD. This brought down her joint and nerve pain significantly as well as her ongoing headaches. As a hybrid indica dominate with 17% CBD. The CBD does wonders for her nerve pain and any other neurological issues she has. The dispensary was out of Harley Quinn and we tried this instead and I'm ple...”

  • “As someone who suffers from severe anxiety and pain I found this strain to be the absolute best for both, it alleviated my pain and relaxed me so much I couldn’t even tell I had just had a panic attack before consuming... Medicinally this strain is SO wonderful, however it does not produce a euphoric head high as some other strains do, but as someone who suffers from anxiety I was thankful it didn’t! ❤️ Thankful for ...”

  • “Gosh... what an amazing night of sleep. What an effective pain killer. Want powerful effects? This is your strain. So far i haven't even had any bad side effects. Not even dry eyes or mouth.”

  • “really trippy setting, after 2 bowls felt it hard, slowly started dieing off within an hour and a half And it's goin on 2 hours, still feelin it”