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Rene Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Pretty good strain. Very euphoric, some arrousal, a lot of laughing and giggling. It does have a forest taste to it, like pine, but it tastes and feels really smooth.”

  • “Love love love this strain. I have the CBD Rene variety and oh my does it work wonders for pain and anxiety. I love the fact that it doesn't make me really high, since it is at a 1:1 CBD-THC ratio. Nice mellow body buzz making me feel relaxed, energized, giggly and focused. It crushes down all my worries and anxiety and rids my body of chronic pain. Overall feeling of happiness and wellbeing. I can smoke it during t...”

  • “good daytime strain indeed! the pain is gone and I am up cleaning my house. great smooth floral fragrance. the strain I have is cbd rene. thoughts are clear and I am very functional.”

  • “I strictly smoke indicas, but this is one of the few sativas that I absolutely LOVE. Great for morning use (energy, appetite stimulation, focus, etc). I also noticed that this particular strain is great for treating inflammation -- I've had tendonitis in my elbows and knees for years and after just a few tokes out of the bong, I was bending, stretching, and ready for my yoga class. GOOD WEED!”

  • “Nice Sativa, stress reliever/ taste earthy, piney, like the outdoors. Has a bit of red hairs. Personally find good for daytime use. I do like sativas for daytime use for anxiety and sometimes its hard to find good strains. I would pick this up again.”

  • “Wonderful strain, rose fregrance, sweet candy like smelling with pine notes that peak through. It's super smooth, great for pain, anxiety, lack of apatite & motivation I love this and highly recommended it to all my friends”

  • “Best strain I've tried for my anxiety - I feel really giggly and things tend to slow down so I can notice anxious thoughts before they start. Some arousal and heavy munchies.”

  • “Awesome strain! The high is very uplifting, and puts a smile on your face. Relieves all pressure in your eyes, and is great for treating just about any pain in your body. She grows great outdoors here in Oregon. This is the fastest flowering plant I've ever grown at 43 days (6 weeks), and she always returns >20% THC. Those Canucks sure can breed some righteous cannabis, eh?”