Ringo's Gift Reviews

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  • “The Best CBD Rich Strain I've tried. I bought me some oil of this strain containing 78%CBD and let me tell you it'll knock out all your pain almost instantly. It's a great strain and should be everywhere but sadly its not. Its new and still hard to find. I highly recommend this to anyone with pain of any sort. This flower is true medicine and would love to share this with people in need. We need more growers of this ...”

  • “I started to take this strain for anxiety and it works great. During my trial period I also saw a change in quality of sleep. I thought I slept great before but now it's AMAZING! I also noticed that the muscle knots in my shoulders and neck have gone away as well, or at least the soreness has. Much less stressed now and it tastes great too. My strain is from the Apothecarium here in Vegas and has an approx 24:1 CBD:...”

  • “I suffer from severe anxiety and Tourette's Syndrome and cbd is the greatest thing I have ever discovered that helps my bad tics which are caused by anxiety from going out of the house. When my tics are bad I smoke a joint of cbd cannabis and in particular ringos gift is the best cbd strain I have come across. I used to take benzos like xanax and clonozopam and also clonodine and seroquel and 1 joint of cbd like ring...”

  • “As a retired us army vet with PTSD and panic anxiety, I have found amazing relief of symptoms with even small dosage of Ringos Gift. The effects are immediate. I can actually feel my anxiety melting out of my body, totally relaxing me with no cerebral effects, and no side effects whatsoever. This has quickly become one of my favorite strains, and is now my go to strain for my persistent anxiety.”

  • “I was interested in trying Ringo’s Gift to help with my migraine/arthritis pain, without giving me the couch lock. And Ringo’s Gift delivers, it works better than pretty much any other strain I’ve tried for me and what I want. I actually like it even more than Harlequin which used to be my go-to pain reliever. A bonus is that it also helps with anxiety. So much that I decided to finally start to come down (slowly) of...”

  • “Best balance for me. High THC tears me up with super anxiety. But CBD only doesn't get it. ACDC and Cannatonic didn't quite get it for me, they made me real sleepy. Ringo's gift is the perfect blend with good pain relief and a nice buzz. My bud for sure and I vape, never smoked it but should be same.”

  • “Bought this strain to treat my epilepsy. I am trying to find an alternative way to control my seizures, since my current medication is not recommended to women my age, but still prescribed anyway. I'm only rating it 4stars because of the taste that I really don't like. However I needed a strain that wouldn't give me any cerebral/psychoactive effects since I have to be able to function normally at work. Ringo's Gift ...”

  • “contrary to what the inro says this is not (just) a 1/1 strain i am in fact smoking on ( this moment ) a 22! to 1 its STICKYYYY and FANTASTIC ill get to the THC ... but i Wake with CBD THEN bake lol but no seriously this strain is outstanding if you need CBD ( and we ALL could use at least some) GET SOME its hard to find but Ringos Gift , Ringo#3 and ACDC are truly natures gift to us ...”