Ripped Bubba Reviews

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  • “This is my favorite strain so far. It’s creative, relaxing, social, not sleep inducing. Thank the nature mamma and weed nerds for figuring out how to make a perfectly balanced indica dominant strain. I could smoke this to meditate, to go out dancing, to draw, to write emails, to wander around in the woods. I can’t really think of a situation where I wouldn’t want to feel how this makes me feel...that’s like true ...”

  • “Mmmrrmrrrrnn I think I'm purring. Eyes are closed and I'm wide awake This makes me reflective. Objective...? Too soon for my heart to be Just so I'm just here.. in this moment.. fondly reminiscing other fondling moments... That's what all our lives are; living our moments fully as we create them, w/o knowing when or what or why we will remember some moments forever, and some never again. The good parts (the stu...”

  • “My Favorite !! When I smoke it I feel like I'm turned in to a Martha Stewart Hero. I have a lot of focused energy for a long time then I just slowly fizzle out and sleep like an 19 year old kid that lives at home with his mom and dad .... no cares in the world.”

  • “I got a gram of ripped bubba extract yesterday. After not being physically active much due to working on a computer all day (and a deep love of crispy pork) i played tennis a lot last week and dug a hole in clay (digging i havent done much in a long time). As a result of being out of shape i was mad sore. I woke up all night with pain, ripped a couple dabs of ripped bubba, and I went straight from anxious, stressed, ...”

  • “Truly smells like seaweed to me. Doesn't have much of a taste in my opinion. It's a relaxed high. Good pain reliever. Pretty even cross for me between indica and sativa. I feel relaxed enough to be tired, but at the same time like I should get up and do something productive.”

  • “Norcanna here in California provided this magnificent strain. It is a strong and potent hybrid that will knock out novice tokers, just imagine some buff ripped dude named bubba. Name suits the strain. Highly recommended.”

  • “Ripped Bubba is hands down one of my new favorite strains. Picked up some from South Coast CG, and the giant nug was so perfect I almost hated to break it up. Bright redish-orange hairs throughout, bright green mixed in, and some purples as well. Sweet, earthy, almost piney taste and aroma, with a flowery/lavender backnote. Gave me an uplifting mood boost right after smoking. The batch I had was high in THC, was cove...”

  • “A very cerebral high with full body relaxation as well. Very creative and happy..”