Romulan Grapefruit Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “710 KingPen - Romulan Grapefruit is AMAZING. 4 hits and I feel ZERO pain, 4 Herniated disc. Living in NYC flower is a pain in the ass to smoke outside. KINGPen all day everyday. Trust me. I didn't think these vape things would work. THEY DO :)”

  • “....aka grape romulan (how could I NOT try it....i love star trek)....with a relatively large spike in my neuropathy pain levels today that the pennywise just couldn't squelch, i needed to try a heavier hitter for pain relief once i was done with work....this is a tasty little number that started off sweet, graduated to earthy, and finished a little grassy...very relaxing, and i can feel an ease to the pain present i...”

  • “wubba lubba dub dub! lol if you get it you rule :) this strain is some mind bending tasty relaxation at the end of the long day. mellow yet euphoric romulan grapefruit goes best with Van Morrison pumping out in the background as you fade away into the mist of purple fog. 10/10 would toke again.”

  • “It simply made me so relaxed and I was able to do work too at the same time. I really wanted to play music (Alabama Shakes) and not sing along, but really get into the music. It's definitely a good simple level straight high ... doesn't have highs/lows, it's so much a static high. Easy to smoke and it smells really good too. Do half what you are used to. Trust me. (well, I'm stoned when I'm writing this) The seco...”

  • “1st things first, This is my review of the Oil Concentrate version of this strain. I've tried several strains of Vape Oil cartridges from 710 Kingpen (mainly Indica/ " Hybrids), Skywalker OG is 👍😎🤤🤤😴😴. I'd been eager to try out the R.G. after all the good reviews I've seen & read but hadn't had the opportunity til today. WOW This is Awesome, The distinct aroma is really Grapefruit and the taste is just the sam...”

  • “i wasnt sure what to expect when i first tried the romulan grapefruit but man i wasnt disappointed haha. it creeps up on you with a slight body buzz which then builds up to intense head high with a minor body high. it lasts about 2 hours too which to me is pretty good. music is mindblowing, tv and internet is extremly entertaining if you can stay focused lol. my friends always ask me whats a good strain for being put...”

  • “I've been hanging onto this GFR now for a few weeks, just cant seem to bring myself to choose it over the other strains I've had on hand. I did grind some down and vape it the other night, which was light years better than piping this foul smelling flower. I gotta admit, it does the trick, its a dumdum high for a good chunk of time.”

  • “Romulan is a real swell hybrid. The bud is very tasty in a joint...the taste has a "sativa flavor" initial taste, and finishes with a more arthy-woodsy "indica flavor" (the flavor hints at the high actually). The buzz is a 5-10 minute creeper. You hit it, wait a little, wait a little more, then WAPAH youre full of good sativa dominant vibes. Once you relax in a sedentary position though, the indica body high comes in...”