Royal Chemdawg Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Picked this up from SeaWeed delivery today and I really love it. Firstly, its extremely pungent, I could easily smell it right through the paper bag and ziplock bag it was delivered in. It has a fruity, skunky, diesel-y stench that is pretty amazing. The high is extremely relaxing for the body and mind, and is a good pick for enjoying at night time. I would definitely buy this one again.”

  • “Very pleasant pungent aroma. Chemical taste hints of fruitiness. Definite creeper, heavy indica hitter.”

  • “Very Heavy around the eyes and creates a very heavy feeling throughout the body. This is definitely a couch lock strain so i would only smoke evenings to night. The smoke wasn't harsh much at all and definitely feel very relaxed.”

  • “This strain so aptly named made me very creative and talkative enjoy my morning breakfast recommended for all patients”

  • “Strong and very pungent. Great for PTSD.”

  • “nice strain for people that suffer from nerve pain!!! after using this strain in a vaporizer, the pain just started melting off!!! brought pain down from a 10+ to a 4!!!”

  • “the strain is best! I got it at pg. love it!”

  • “This strain is great to take huge hits and smoke massive quantities. An all day type of weed”