Royal Highness Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Wonderful strain. Uplifting head high at first, then 5-10 minutes later settles into something really nice, relaxing, happy, and very clearheaded and not Stoney. Found myself just kind of taking a sigh of relief and blissed out on life. Quick relief to back pain and symptoms of PTSD. No couch lock either, very motivated. Found myself tidying up around the house, doing dishes, finishing some yard work I had been putti...”

  • “Great strain for people who suffer with anxiety, i usually get uncomfortable with higher thc strains but could smoke this all day, very nice clear headedness and relaxed vibes. Also if you smoked a high thc strain and felt panic or paranoid royal highness seems to bring you backdown nicely. Totally recommend this”

  • “Homegrow crop under HH Progrow400 led lights, nice nugs, got a sample from the dry room, after 4 days of drying. I didnt know what expect from a medical strain, I didnt have the idea of what expect from1:1 cbd:thc ratio strain. 2 hits in a bong, just sat in a nice chair, turned on the radio with nice reggae music, and I just felt. Dude, what a nice strain. In the first 30 sec, an uplift high came, head high, no cou...”

  • “.... just try it.. :)”

  • “Strange smells Strange flavors Awesome buzz”

  • “The best strains I've ever had in my life! Instantly defeats my pain and migraines. For me I don't really get a high which is perfect for me I don't enjoy just getting stoned. Anyway I am saddened to hear the strain will be disappearing soon if it hasn't already. I'm definitely in love with this strain!”

  • “I'm usually an Indica smoker but upon much recommendation from the budtenders at my neighborhood dispensary, I decided to give this a try. I love it! Flavors are delicious, sweet and berry like. The high is well balanced--calming, relaxed, happy, euphoric, uplifted... Give it a try, you won't regret it.”

  • “To paraphrase the philosopher KRS-1, I'd rather be a teacher than a king. Most kings are overthrown. Well, if you are going to bow to a throne, get up on the get down and all hail the Royal Highness. Like Run DMC said, the cream of the crop , the crop of the cream. Toss it over to the Beastie Boy for, I'm so high you can call me your [Royal] Highness. Relaxing best of both worlds in the hybrid. Relaxing ...”