Rubicon Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain keeps a clear headed, awakened high, no grogginess or "stoned stupid." Definitely and indica with its gentle body relaxation, a euphoric blanket of comfort tingles throughout my entire body. My mind is at ease, peaceful; as an anxious person this is heaven. I would recommend picking this up as a medicinal for the CBD content (~9%) or as recreational for a happy, relaxed day with a light high.”

  • “By far one of the best CBD-rich strains I've tried so far. Produced a modest buzzed feeling coupled with that irresistible pain relief that all medical patients seek. As far as taste goes, I would describe a sweet sage with hints of citrus undertones.”

  • “Rubicon is truly an answer for the question "What can make my pain subside or go away" and it makes your day!! Not much on taste but very good for pain!!!! Good to use first thing in the morning!!!”

  • “Very chill, extremely mild. Takes a lot to actually feel "stoned" which is not a bad thing. Makes it easy to go to sleep, but doesn't knock me out immediately. Easy to stay focused and productive without losing my self in a project.”

  • “I'm sick and deal with alot of pain but the cbds in this strain really help me to escape alot of that pain. I recommend this one for anyone who needs some pain relief. #420sweepstakes”

  • “Relaxing and mellow. My pain level and inflammation dropped a little. Did not make me feel anxious. Made me want to watch 90s movies and eat carmel corn. Easy to go to sleep but doesn't make you feel like you have to.”

  • “I had a rod, screws, plate, and pins put in my leg a year or two ago, and after a tough week at work along side kids and family life. I took my first draw of this beautiful potion. Let me tell you what... Pain 95% gone. My Kids 72% I actually wanted to play with them. Wife -34% notice the nagging!!! Overall best product so far and... Yeah...”

  • “Very high in CBD. As you smoke it you can feel the warm rush of CBD rain over you relief from pain. Great strain..”