RudeBoi OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I think this strain is a misnomer; it should be called Energizer Bunny. Rude Boi is a super energizing and engaging strain. Its uplifting vibe put a smile on my face as I laced up my running shoes and took the dogs for a moonlit run. Listening to the dance grooves of Daft Punk, Rude Boi had me floating. I'd say this strain is the perfect accompaniment to staying moving while getting lifted. Great for going for a r...”

  • “Legit, top-shelf, 5 star, conoissuer's weed. Mine was grown by the ever-awesome Resin Ranchers here in Oregon, clocking in at just shy of 25% THC. The most notable aspect of this strain (to me) is the incredibly dank, savory, nutty/pine/citrus one-of-a-kind flavor that lingers on the palate long after the exhale. The effects are potent and well balanced between head and body, suitable for a wide range of activities/...”

  • “RudeBoi OG is the best OG. Massive heady buzzy uplift and almost opiate like body load within a minute of first dose. Long lasting high impact medicine. Probably not recommendable for novices or accomplishing complex tasks.”

  • “It's ok for nighttime smoke to unwind. Definitely indica dominant with little couch lock effects. Smooth with little frills, there's better weed out there but gets the job done.”

  • “balanced head/body high. not usually a fan of hybrid buds, I prefer a straight on Indica, however this is a winner!! no Anxiety w/this one!!”

  • “Al 100 Pariente”

  • “Wow. I'm smoking Resin Ranchers Rude Boi and it blew my face right off. I picked up one gram to try it out, and I'm a heavy smoker... two bowls and we were zoned out, in our own little worlds... it was very nice. I can see why this would be a five star strain for many. In my personal opinion, I think the quality of the product, and not the strain itself, is what makes this such a mind altering, relaxing, trance like ...”

  • “Liberty reach has done a fine job with this one tasty. Overall a heavy hitter”