Sapphire Scout Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Saphire Scout is one of the most exciting new strains I've come across recently. The deep green and blue hues of the bud make it hard to take your eyes off of, while the euphoric and relaxing effects rock you into a subtle calmness. The flavor is thick and hashy with sweet blueberry notes and just a tinge of diesely OG goodness. Can't wait to go get more!”

  • “Great strain, my favorite yet. Gives me a really great high, hours later I still feel the relaxing weight on me. Has me mellow and relaxed ALL day.”

  • “Smiley high, berry flavors. Semi strong buzz”

  • “Seems to be an amazing strain, with a lot of potential. I've seen several phenotypes, with my favorite possessing a pungent sweet diesel smell. Very heavy stone.”

  • “amazing strain. fruity taste and uplifting yet mellow high. took a few puff and knew it was straight fire. awesome end of day strain.”

  • “what great bud should be. this strain is just fantastic day or night. busy day or just restless and needing a nap this does wonders for both. 1st impression. literally caked with crystal all over this shimmers. nice sweet smell to add to the great look. smoking out of a bing and a cape both prove to be equally smooth almost to airy definitely not a deep smoke. but hit in a instant and leaves a slight giggle and he...”

  • “The high off this stuff is only a 4-star but the blueberry taste makes it so much more worth it!”