Sapphire Star Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of the best buds I've had in a while. Smoked a ton, ate a buffet and I was still high af. Then I went to work and I was still high yet very competent and focused. So A+ on this strain. I need it more often lol.”

  • “Very rarely am I super impressed when I see a cut , but damn! This flower (at least the cut I saw/smoked) has everything going for it. Masterfully grown, beautiful, clean green , high thc content and the best tasting flower I've smoked in quite some time . I think I've only given one other 10/10 ranking but this without a doubt 10/10”

  • “kinda trippy, I like it”

  • “Smoked a couple bowls with my homie and 20 minutes later we were laughing non stop. The taste and smell and look is just amazing.”

  • “Great high, tease good but a pain in the ass to find.”

  • “Extremely tasty with a very strong relaxing feel. Great for a day at home or getting a restful sleep.”

  • “Fucking Decent ass bud. Not medical but it hits you like it is. My girl mixed Sapphire Star with some Lemon Haze. There jarred up currently but will eventually get ground together and smoked , I'll come back later to review that. anyways this Strains tasty , Hits you hard, When I smoke this I feel it everywhere but mostly in my head, kinda a "woosh woosh woosh" Definitely feel the indica and sativa, smoke this bef...”

  • “I liked the calm cerebral high of this strain and the fact that even though I was relaxed I didn't feel lazy or fatigued. One side effect I don't need but good for my friends with food challenges- made me monster munch out! Good for relaxing and doing yoga or small chores, not a real pain killer but a mood lifter for sure. Probably a 3.8 for me, made me cough a little but a blast from my inhaler solved it so it wasn'...”