Saturn OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Thoroughly impressed; left me feeling happy without being overwhelming; mildly hungry but not out of control. Started out with an intense burst of whoah that gave way to hilarious entertainment and stress relief. So good I went back to the same dispensary only to find that it had vanished shortly after I had the pleasure of acquiring some. Highly recommended.”

  • “Very fun strain, if your sensitive to anxiety this is safe... not too overwhelming, hits kinda hard at first follwed by calm. Makes you hungry and giggly. 5 star indica for sure. 😄”

  • “This strain starts you off with a strong sativa high and fades into a nice relaxing indica high”

  • “Relaxed and lifted my depression so that I could get my housework done.”

  • “A great strain to smoke if you want to relax by yourself or chat it up with friends. Gives off a nice balance of a body and head high. Helps me most with depression, as it leaves me feeling extraordinarily happy and calm, even until the next day.”

  • “spacy, existential high with many properties. Big head rush after smoking calms into a nice relaxing high, albeit making me very talkative.”

  • “Pretty good strain. Left me with a very quiet high because I was lost in my own thoughts (and I was with someone else so it was kinda awkward) Take this strain by yourself!”

  • “Finally tried this strain. I noticed its small nugs and orange hue. Smells sweet and fruity. I took a couple good hits off a clean pipe and about 10 minutes later I got a blast of WOWZERZ! Very nice sensation, found myself fighting a bit of panicky feeling for a few minutes but resolved into a nice hour long chill out and relieved all my aches and pains. I felt all that good indica character after sinking in to a go...”