Scooby Snacks Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is such an amazing sleep aid! It makes you feel like you are crawling into a grilled cheese bed of warm gooey cheesy sheets of goodness with toasty bread blankets. Then 9 hours later you awake from what feels like hibernation perfectly rested with zero haziness. I am all but non functional within 20 minutes of smoking one bowl so be prepared for bed when you enjoy some Scooby snacks!”

  • “This strain made me Throw Up... My arms in the air !!!:) It's FUCKING GOOD. If Trump smoked this strain he would stop being a asshole and claim he Invented it!! :D”

  • “I consider myself a VETERAN smoker, I drive, ride bikes, whatevs...but this shit is HEAVY! Do NOT OPERATE A MOTOR VEHICLE OR HEAVY EQUIPMENT on this medicine! After all, its hard to drive when you're wrapped in a gooey melted Cheese sandwich. 😂”

  • “I've already reviewed this strain but I just picked some up again. The taste and smell gets me every time. Out of the 3 strains I picked up (the white, skunk #1 and scooby snacks) this one is the clear winner. Everyone says "a well balanced hybrid" when reviewing strains and I usually don't feel the same way when I try them myself. I would say this actually fits that description for me. This is definitely my go to s...”

  • “very good strain nice and relaxing . makes me want to play games all day lol.”

  • “Strain: Scooby Snacks (Heavy Indica leaning Hybrid) THC: 23.9% CBD: 0.2% Grower: PigFarm Location found: Natural Wonders Date purchased: 1.28.16 Price: $40.00 (with $5.00 off) == $35.00 for an ⅛ Nitro canned sealed Weight: 3.5g Method of Consumption: Herb Iron and small bong Smell: Reminded me of coffee immediately. The second intense inhale was almost a sweet and spicy licorice smell. Look: The buds remind me of ...”

  • “These super dank medium-small sized little green clouds are so tasty to smoke; I'd love to vape some if I could. Maybe even roll one up. They taste/feel and smell great! I feel like I could hold my own blazin up with Shaggy. Know what I mean? This strain is everything you want it to be, very versatile.”

  • “Scooby Snacks is fire! It tastes sweet and piney with hints of chocolate when vaped. It has a excellent mind and body effects. Very stoney and one of my favorites!”