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Scooby Snacks Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is such an amazing sleep aid! It makes you feel like you are crawling into a grilled cheese bed of warm gooey cheesy sheets of goodness with toasty bread blankets. Then 9 hours later you awake from what feels like hibernation perfectly rested with zero haziness. I am all but non functional within 20 minutes of smoking one bowl so be prepared for bed when you enjoy some Scooby snacks!”

  • “This strain made me Throw Up... My arms in the air !!!:) It's FUCKING GOOD. If Trump smoked this strain he would stop being a asshole and claim he Invented it!! :D”

  • “I consider myself a VETERAN smoker, I drive, ride bikes, whatevs...but this shit is HEAVY! Do NOT OPERATE A MOTOR VEHICLE OR HEAVY EQUIPMENT on this medicine! After all, its hard to drive when you're wrapped in a gooey melted Cheese sandwich. 😂”

  • “I've already reviewed this strain but I just picked some up again. The taste and smell gets me every time. Out of the 3 strains I picked up (the white, skunk #1 and scooby snacks) this one is the clear winner. Everyone says "a well balanced hybrid" when reviewing strains and I usually don't feel the same way when I try them myself. I would say this actually fits that description for me. This is definitely my go to s...”

  • “Strain: Scooby Snacks (Heavy Indica leaning Hybrid) THC: 23.9% CBD: 0.2% Grower: PigFarm Location found: Natural Wonders Date purchased: 1.28.16 Price: $40.00 (with $5.00 off) == $35.00 for an ⅛ Nitro canned sealed Weight: 3.5g Method of Consumption: Herb Iron and small bong Smell: Reminded me of coffee immediately. The second intense inhale was almost a sweet and spicy licorice smell. Look: The buds remind me of ...”

  • “very good strain nice and relaxing . makes me want to play games all day lol.”

  • “This strain will have you acting like Shaggy and talking like Scooby Doo. The mysterious thing is how the hell did it get its name? The nugs I had were small but frosty and pungent. At the time I didn't know that it was a platinum GSC cross but I did take note of the GSC smell it had. The effect was hard hitting at first, but eventually it mellowed out very pleasantly. The taste reminded me of Bubba Kush. The feeling...”

  • “These super dank medium-small sized little green clouds are so tasty to smoke; I'd love to vape some if I could. Maybe even roll one up. They taste/feel and smell great! I feel like I could hold my own blazin up with Shaggy. Know what I mean? This strain is everything you want it to be, very versatile.”