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Scooby Snacks Reviews - Page 2

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is the best strain that I have found to treat my Ménière’s disease. After using Scooby snacks for a month the tinnitus in my left ear is significantly lower. Obviously, this stuff has some serious anti-inflammatory properties. Strangely enough though, Purple Train Wreck is still better for treating Crohn’s disease in my opinion. I imagine Scooby Snacks would be useful for treating joint pain as well. As for the ...”

  • “Scooby Snacks is fire! It tastes sweet and piney with hints of chocolate when vaped. It has a excellent mind and body effects. Very stoney and one of my favorites!”

  • “If I wasn’t so stoned I would for sure get up right now and solve mysteries 👌🏻”

  • “Nice and mellow. Should have higher euphoria rating. I would name it Office Space for the "relaxed, I don't give a damn" effect.”

  • “It's hard and heavy, but smooth. A good wind down strain, but I do not recommend operating a motor vehicle. Highly recommend.”

  • “Ya know, I love PGSC and all, but this hybrid is not for me. Too much sativa, not the indica I expected, I would says very hybrid. .”

  • “Amazing aroma. Taste is really smooth. After 5-10 mins starting to get a nice building high and the slow indicia side hits you. Nice for pain, sleep aid and hunger”

  • “Love this strain! Great for pain,muscle spasms,sleep if you're looking for that. But I like to use as day time medication as it gets me motivated.”