Scout's Honor Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “#ilovelakush quality buds you already know No seal No deal, always providing them flavors from their trees to their wax #ScoutsHonor #LAkush”

  • “This Is amazing. Great texture and smooth yet still strong. I love it.”

  • “#iLOVELAKUSH Scouts honor is always fire! Always come fresh and in nice boxing. Nice enjoyable high and great taste.”

  • “Nice uplifting lakush stay smoking.”

  • “By far the dankest HYBRID I've ever smoked!! super heavy with that unforgettable sweet taste!”

  • “Definitely my favorite strain at the moment. Love the potent smell and the look as it has shades of purple all thru it aND cover in frost. But the high it delivers is where it's at. If u haven't blessed yourself do so before this strain runs out!!!”

  • “#ILovelakush Scouts honor is always fire! Always fresh and comes in nice boxing. Good taste and nice prices !”

  • “What can I say about this strain, in my opinion is tied with blood walker. It has a relaxing and highly sedative effects. This bud has a sweet herbal pine flavor,The aroma is earthy and sweet, very high thc levels!!!”